Tiny Wings For PC

Tiny Wings for PC

Tiny Wings is one of the most played apps on iOS since its first release in 2011. Its free update, which added additional modes, characters and great features on the game made it even more popular. Those who have heard about the game or tried it on their friend’s device but do not have their own iPhone or iPad have been waiting to play Tiny Wings for PC. However, as of this moment, Tiny Wings on computer is not yet available. Even Android users are unable to play this as it is only compatible with iOS devices. The app developer, Andreas Illiger, does not have plans of releasing a version for PC and Android at the moment since it requires much work and he is a one-man team. So to play the game, you need to have an iPhone or iPad device.

Tiny Wings Game Play

Download Tiny Wings on your iOS device for $0.99 from the App Store. If you are using an iPad, you can download the HD version for $2.99. Tiny Wings HD has additional mode, which is the Hill Party. This is a two player game, which lets you compete with a friend on a race to earn 10,000 points on the 5 levels. The game screen is split into two. Use half of the screen while your friend uses the other one so you can play simultaneously on your iPad.

There are two other modes, which are also available on the regular Tiny Wings version for iPhone. These two game modes are Day Trip and Flight School. Day Trip is a survive-as-long-as-you-can mode, in which you aim to get the highest possible score before the night comes. Help this little bird soar up in the sky with its tiny wings by letting it slide and glide though the hills. Tap on the screen to make the bird go down and let go to let make it go up. Collect coins that you can find along the terrains to increase your score. The game ends when the night falls. Flight School is another mode that you can play. Choose one of the four birds to control and race with the other three, which are controlled by the computer. The first one to reach the mama bird will get the biggest fish. Place at least third on the race to move to the next level.

Tiny Wings Tips

These tips will help you get a higher score in Tiny Wings. Keep practicing to become better. This is the best way on how to beat your own score.

Upgrade Nest

There are various objectives that you need to complete to upgrade your nest. Every nest upgrade will increase your score multiplier. This is why it is important to complete these objectives as soon as possible to get higher score. For instance, the first upgrade requires collecting 100 coins, doing 7 great slides in one game and reaching island number 4. Doing all these objectives will give you x10 multiplier. The second upgrade is x12 multiplier, the third is x14 and so on.

Use Touch Teacher

For beginners, the perfect timing for touching the screen to go down and letting go to make it go up could be challenging. The touch teacher will help you enhance your timing on the first stage of the game. Touch the screen when a finger icon appears and let go when it tells you so. If you play the first stage again and you do not see the touch teacher, enable it on the main menu, under the help option. Disable by following the same steps if you are confident playing without it.

Collect Speed Boosters

Your total score will be calculated based on the coins, points, multiplier and distance you traveled. To reach farther distance, take advantage of the speed boosters that you would see on the terrains, which look like blue orbs.

Perform Perfect Slides

Doing perfect slides will give you higher points. You can do this if you land perfectly on the right spot of the hill to speed up your acceleration. To perform a perfect slide, tap the screen when the bird reaches the peak point on its jump and let it go when it reaches the bottommost part of the hill. Make three consecutive perfect slides and you will get to fever mode, which will give you higher points.